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The double Mix CD "Movement" holds a mix CD each of Martin Eyerer and
Oliver Klein.
Martin Eyerer and Oliver Klein introduced their works to MBF with their
stunning debut EP
"Kairo" and the follow up "Tiflis" which is due on the 21st of May 2007.
Oliver and Martin
share a lot of the same ideas which lead to the project which is released
exclusively on
Both artists have been successful in other genres of electronic dance music
but now their
focus lies on the minimal version of dance music.
Martin Eyerer started Djing in 1986. He experienced the early acid house
days... and still
owns his old Roland 303. But he made himself a name through remixing bands
such as
Gus Gus, Delight, Simply Red, Cassius and through remixes for Ministry of
Parallel to this he always produced for smaller independent labels such as
Multicolor and Underwater and established his own label Session Deluxe and
his new
imprint Kling Klong. Martin is a true workaholic who spends his time in the
collaborating with a lot of new hip producers like Gui Boratto and Philippe
(Cassious, MC Solaar, Etienne De Crecy), resulting in an EP on Trapez ltd
this year. At the
moment he is working on his album, which will be released in 2008.
Martin will start to play live at the end of this year. His DJ skills are
revealed on his new
MBF Mix CD. His 72 minute mix is fuelled by club dynamics and makes a great
listening treat too!
He`s included some of his all time favourite tracks and managed to combine
these with
unreleased tracks from his most-liked labels, with a strong DJ approach.
Oliver Klein, based in Duesseldof, has been a well known and influential DJ
and producer
in the Rhein Delta in Germany for quite a while.
He has played for several years in Düsseldorf's "Poison Club", and now has
his own spot
at "Home 14", a night which is going strong and is famous in the Rhein area
for its mad
after-hours. He enjoys working with an audience which has followed him
since 1994,
taking in all the ups and downs and changes in music which Oliver has come
He had his big break-through as a DJ in 1997 when he played the biggest
Rave in
Germany, "Mayday", and since then is invited regularly to play in Berlin.
His own label Mutekki, based in Düsseldorf, has a strong imprint in the
tech house scene in
Europe, being very successful in the UK, Belgium and Holland, making the
between progressive and minimal tech house.
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